Accenting With Paver Patterns

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Design Ideas: 
Accenting with Paver Patterns

By Belgard

Various paver patterns can be used as an accent to accomplish a number of outdoor living design goals. From simple borders to elaborate inlaid designs, incorporating an accent of a differing paver style, texture, shape or color can add a creative touch to your outdoor spaces to improve both the form and function.


Whether an outer border or an inlaid border, bordering a paver field with a contrasting shape, color and/or texture can really make your pavers pop.

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Circle Kits

Several Belgard paver styles have coordinating circle kits that can be used to create simple or complex designs.

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Driveway Accents

Create a dramatic entrance to your home through the use of design accents. You can do this by using multiple paver styles, or simply by using contrasting colors, shapes and/or laying patterns of the same paver style.

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Inlaid Paver Rug Designs

Creating an inlaid faux rug design reinforces the outdoor room concept and helps define the space.

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Paver patterns and borders can be used to indicate the transition from one outdoor room to another.

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Creative Touches

Borders and varying patterns can be used to interject creative touches here and there, which can add visual interest to a hardscape design.

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Thank you to Belgard, one of our high-quality producers, for this information.