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Adding Some Fire to Your Backyard Retreat

Here in Kansas City, we experience all temperatures. Our summers are hot and humid, but our winter can be very cold. One of the best ways to create a backyard retreat that will serve your family year-round is adding a fire pit to your design.

Fire pits can serve many purposes in your backyard. These beautiful hardscape creations make time outside with your guests even more enjoyable by adding the comfort of warmth to your patio. Fire pits create an inviting atmosphere, inviting guests to gather close and share stories or socialize. The addition of a fire pit to your backyard retreat also gives you the option to cook outside, roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Fire pits are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. With the help of our design team at Kansas City Hardscapes, you can literally dream up whatever fire pit you feel will fit best in your outdoor space. 

Fire Pits

A custom block fire pits is probably what you imagined when you first read the title of this blog post. These fire pits are encased by a wall of stone blocks or bricks, and are most commonly designed as a circle or or a square. These are great because they are simple, affordable, and create the perfect space for family and friends to huddle around.

Outdoor Fireplace

These hardscape features are often central to the design of the entire backyard retreat. Built to resemble a traditional fireplace, these can be created from a wide variety of stones or bricks. The outdoor fireplace is really for those homeowners who want the warmth of the fire, but they also would like a statement piece to their outdoor living area. A fireplace is the easiest way to make a statement for sure!

Natural or Liquid Propane Gas

When looking at a fire pit or fireplace you can choose either wood burning or gas. Some people love the smell of an open fire, but some love the convenience of gas more. If you would prefer to skip to hassle of using wood to fuel the fires in your fire pit or fireplace, we can arrange for a gas line to be installed instead. 

Pizza Ovens

Nothing completes an outdoor kitchen quite like a beautifully built pizza oven. Cook outside with family and friends, impressing your guests with amazing, gourmet pizzas prepared in your backyard retreat. These start as low as $1895 for a countertop unit and go up from there. Pizza ovens are a fun way to entertain!

With the help of Kansas City Hardscapes you can create a custom designed fire pit or fireplace for your backyard. Because these features are highly customizable, we encourage all potential clients to schedule an initial design consultation. Take advantage of us and our expertise and let us help you create exactly what you're looking for.

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Why You Should Use A Hardscape Company Instead Of A Landscape Company When Installing An Outdoor Living Space

Wow! That's a long title, but let's jump right in...

When you start to look at adding a hardscape to your outdoor living area, you'll quickly realize that the costs can add up pretty quickly. So if you're looking to spend $10,000, $20,000, or more on your new outdoor living area, don't you think you should work with a company that focuses solely on hardscapes?

Hardscape companies typically work 5-6 days per week only dealing with concrete, gravel, pavers, pergolas, wall blocks, fire elements, water features, retaining walls, and more. Because of this narrow focus they get really good at what they do. What I like to tell people is that it's no different than attorneys. To an outsider who doesn't understand the different kinds of law that attorneys practice, there might not be a noticeable difference between an attorney who practices mergers & acquisitions vs one that practices family law where most of their clients are divorcing partners. And sure, the mergers & acquisitions attorney "could" handle your divorce, but the divorce attorney will know the in's and out's of the smallest divorce laws to insure it goes smoothly. 

It's the same thing for hardscapes. Sure, the company that mows your grass, plants flowers, and puts mulch down could figure out how to put a paver patio down. I mean, they already have crews, trucks, and access to pavers, but does that mean they have an expertise in hardscapes and a deep understanding of each element that goes into your outdoor area? A hardscape company understands what materials to use based on your budget, your tastes, and your climate. There are different base materials used in different parts of the country. They understand how to install each element properly so that you don't have issues a few years down the road. They understand how deep drainage lines go, how much gravel is required behind retaining walls so that they won't bow years later. 

Believe me when I say that we come across homeowners that have spend $10k-$20k on an outdoor living space that needs $5k-$10k in repairs just a couple of years later. It's actually heartbreaking to have to tell the homeowner that the company that installed their project didn't know exactly how to do it and it now needs to be taken apart and redone.

You could try to save a few bucks by using a landscape company for your hardscape project, but if it's me and my money, I want to use the company that works with these materials every day and can insure that my outdoor living space looks incredible 10 years from now, not just right after they leave. They last thing I want to do is spend an additional $5k on repairs a couple year later when I could've just spent an extra $2k and gone with the professional the first time.