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Adding a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Living Space

Here in Kansas City, we experience extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum. Our summers are hot and humid, but our autumn and winter can be very cold. One of the best ways to create a backyard retreat that will serve your family year-round is adding a fire pit to your design.

Fire pits can serve many purposes in your backyard. These beautiful hardscaping creations make time outside with your guests even more enjoyable by adding the comfort of warmth to your patio. Fire pits create an inviting atmosphere, inviting guests to gather close and share stories or socialize. The addition of a fire pit to your backyard retreat also gives you the option to cook outside, roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Fire pits are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. With the help of our design team at Kansas City Hardscapes, you can literally dream up whatever fire pit you feel will fit best in your outdoor space. At Kansas City Hardscapes, we create three different categories of fire pits, and each can be further customized based on your own personal preferences.

Block Fire Pits

A custom block fire pits is probably what you imagined when you first read the title of this blog post. These fire pits are encased by a wall of stone blocks or bricks, and are most commonly designed as a circle or or a square.

Custom Build Fireplace

These hardscaping features are often central to the design of the entire backyard retreat. Built to resemble a traditional fireplace, these can be created from a wide variety of stones or bricks.

Natural or Liquid Propane Gas

If you would prefer to skip to hassle of using wood to fuel the fires in your fire pit or fireplace, we can arrange for a gas line to be installed instead. At Kansas City Hardscapes, we have burners, log sets, and gas igniters in varying designs and price ranges.

Pizza Ovens

Nothing completes an outdoor kitchen quite like a beautifully built pizza oven. Cook outside with family and friends, impressing your guests with amazing, gourmet pizzas prepared in your backyard retreat.

With the help of one of our team members, you can create a custom designed fire pit or fireplace for your backyard. Because these features are highly customizable, we encourage all potential clients to schedule an initial hardscaping design consultation before creating a plan or budget for their hardscaping project.

To learn more about creating a backyard retreat with the help of Kansas City Hardscapes, call us at 816.699.3457.


Why You Need an Outdoor Living Area at Your Home

There’s no way around it, adding an outdoor living area to your home is a big investment. Whether you have plans for creating a small seating area surrounding a firepit or a large backyard retreat that includes a pool and an outdoor kitchen, you can expect your project to require committing a significant amount of time and money.

Before beginning any home improvement project, it is important to ask yourself one very important question: Is it worth it? No matter the size or cost of the project, you should carefully consider if the benefits of the home improvement outweigh the costs. When it comes to adding an outdoor living area to your home, there are many benefits that make this project well worth the cost.

Increase the Value of Your Home

It doesn’t really matter if you intend to sell your home soon or if you expect to continue enjoying your new outdoor living area for years to come, anything that increases the value of your home is a good idea. Adding hardscaping to your home, including patios, firepits, pools, or other structures has been found to bring a 70 to 80 percent return on invest upon sale of a home. Outdoor kitchens exceed this value, in some cases bringing a full 100 perfect return on invest upon sale of the home.

Quickly Sell Your Home

If you do intend to sell your home in the future, you will be glad to know that potential buyers find hardscaping structures to be a huge selling point for any home. In general, homes with updated and well maintained outdoor living spaces sell more quickly, and at a higher price, than comparable homes that lack an outdoor living area.

Add More Space to Your Home

When your backyard is transformed into a comfortable and beautiful living space, it is like adding another room to your home. Your backyard becomes an extension of your home, creating space for entertaining family and friends and spending time with the people you love.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Many homeowners find they don’t spend as much time outdoor as the would like simply because their home does not provide a comfortable space for outdoor living. When you add a backyard retreat to your home, you will find you are spending way more time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and getting more exercise.

Spend More Time With Your Family

Most families are incredibly busy, juggling work and after school activities several times a week. This can make it difficult to spend time together. With an outdoor space, you will be pleasantly surprised to find your family spending more time together outdoors. Swimming in your pool or preparing meals in your outdoor kitchen.

If you are interested in adding an outdoor living area to your home, and gaining all of the benefits listed above, call 816.699.3457 to talk to one of our owners about your project ideas.