While many of us are working hard and putting in long hours on the job, we often don't get a chance to see our homes until after dark. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It provides a warm, inviting ambiance that beckons us outdoors. It creates mood, romance, and drama. It adds interest and intrigue to any setting. A growing number of homeowners are capturing this magic in their gardens through "nightscaping," one of the hottest trends in outdoor living today.

Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of hardscape design, yet it is often overlooked or underdone. Proper outdoor lighting design allows you to highlight focal points and hide eyesores. It can also be used to enhance safety and security, to accent special trees or plantings, and to create a festive atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Our lighting packages start with a transformer and a timer that typically run $300 for both of those items combined. Then once those are purchased, you're looking at adding in some lights. We are usually putting in undermounted lights for that ambient light. Those lights are $180 each. So a 5 light package with a timer and transformer is usually $1195 installed. That includes all wiring.